Remedios Varo


In the meantime, Remedios Varo became also known in other countries with great work and commitment from Walter Grün and Alexandra Varsoviano of Grün.

1964 Exhibition La obra de Remedios Varo in Bellas Artes (Mexico-City). Honour in the magazine La Breche in Paris.

1965 Publication of Remedios’ “Homo rodans”.

1966 Death of André Breton. Short film by Jomi Garcia Ascot Remedios Varo, una interpretación. Publication of the book Remedios Varo with texts by Octavio Paz, Juliana Gonzalez and Roger Cailois.

1967 Honorary exhibition for Wolfgang Paalen in MAM Mexico.

1969 Publication of Ida Rodriguez Prampolini’s book El arte del Surrealismo. .

1973 Exhibition El Arte del Surrealismo at the MAM.

1976 Publication of Gonzalo Celorio’s book El Surrealismo y lo real maravilloso americano.

2000 Walter Grün donates 39 pieces of work that he bought from the owners to the MAM (Museo de Arte Moderno) in Mexico City: Coleccion Isabel Grün Varsoviano.

2001 Remedios Work becomes National Heritage.

2008 Death of Walter Grün.

2011 Death of Leonora Carrington.

2015 Death of Alexandra Varsoviano de Grün.

2016 The work remaining in Grün´s property is now part of the Coleccion Isabel Grün Varsoviano

2018 Exposition MAM: Adictos a Remedios Varo. New legacy 2018

2020 Remedios work shown in Argentina, Germany and Dänmark

2022 : Exhibition in New York, London, Venedig and Potsdam