Remedios Varo


1908-1930 Childhood and studies


Born in Anglés (Catalunia). Her mother, Ignacia Uranga, was a religious basque, her father Rodrigo Varo an open minded andalucian and hydraulic engineer who induced Remedios interest in science and drawing. She had two brothers, Rodrigo and Luis and a sister who died before she was born.


Madrid: Remedios reads scientific books and develops great mathematical and drawing skills.


Starts her studies in the famous Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.

1930-1936 First Works and Surrealism


Remedios finishes her studies and takes part in the academy’s own exhibition. She marries her collegue friend Gerardo Lizzaraga in San Sebastian . They move to Paris for a year, then to Barcelona.


Remedios works at the advertising agency Thompson and meets the artists Jose Luis Florit, Oscar Dominguez and Esteban Francés, with whom she shares a studio.

Separation from Gerardo Lizarraga, with whom she maintains a close friendship.

The GROUP ADLAN (Amics de l’Art Nou) is founded in Barcelona.

(Foto: Remedios Varo und José Luis Florit)


Remedios exhibits in Madrid together with Florit .

1936-1941 Spanish Civil War and World War II


Exhibition of the Logicofobists, precursors of surrealism in Barcelona. The three works that Remedios exhibited are untraceable. She draws “L’Agent double” and meets Benjamin Péret, who is fighting for the anti-Francist movement.

(Foto: Remedios und Benjamin Peret in México - 1941)


She moves back to Paris with Péret and comes into the close circle of André Breton, meets Max Ernst, Victor Brauner, Joan Miro, Wolfgang Paalen and Leonora Carrington. Tokyo: Remedios participates in the International Exhibition of Surrealism. Her work “Le désir” is printed in the French surrealist magazine Minotaure.


Her work appear in the magazines Trajectoire du Reve and Vissage du Monde. She participates in the International Exhibition of Surrealism in Paris and Amsterdam. The pictures “Titeres vegetales” and “Las Almas de los Montes” date from this time.


Remedios is imprisoned, possibly because she hides a French deserter. Hitler’s troops occupied Paris. Remedios and Péret flee to Marseille and Varian Fry allows them to flee to America.

1940-1948 Exile Mexico


Mexico City: Remedios meets the surrealists of Paris and builts a friendship with Kati and Jose Horna, Leonora Carrington, Chiki Weisz, Eva Sulzer and others. Wolfgang Paalen and Cesar Moro present their painting “Recuerdos de la Valkiria” in the International Exhibition of Surrealism.


Remedios recovers from the impressions of the escape from Europe, Mexico becomes her new home and she is interested in the art of the country but does not incorporate it into her work.


Remedios is interested in the teaching of the mysticGeorges I. Gurdjieff and Eva Sulzer joins the group.


Separation from Péret, who returns to Paris.

Venezuela and Bayer

emedios starts a research trip with a French delegation to Venezuela, where she also meets her mother and brother Rodrigo.
Remedios works on microscopic studies of insects which she draws for a health campaign and for Bayer-Mexico.
Remedios Varo signs her works “Uranga”. She needs money to return to Mexico and searchs for gold with Jean Nicolle in the Orinoco River.

1949 Return to Mexico

Remedios raises money and returns, but continues to work for companies for a living.

1952-1963 Walter Grün and Remedios own style


Walter Grün offers Remedios a peaceful and stable home and financial security, so she can develop freely her own style. In her work, Remedios combines nature, science, mysticism and fantasy.


First collective exhibition with her own work becomes a success and Remedios receives assignments. Among her admirers are Edward James, Ignacio Chavez, Alfonso Reyes and Carlos Prieto


Travels to Europe and realizes that Mexico is the country where she belongs to. This year she will receive the first prize “Plástica Femenina” of the Gallery Excelsior.


Remedios is succsessful in the Second Interamerican Biennial in Mexico. With her inseparable friend Leonora Carrington, she delves deeper into the mysticism and mysteries of the cosmos. Alchemy, Kabala, Tarot, Magic and Mysticism influence her work and thinking.


After her last work “Naturaleza Muerta resucitando”, Remedios wants to unite the cosmos, nature and man in “Musica del Bosque”. Unfortunately, she can’t finish this painting. Remedios died of a heart attack on October 8th, 1963.


Nach ihrem letztem Werk  “Naturaleza Muerta resucitando” will Remedios in “Música del Bosque”  Kosmos, Natur und Mensch vereinen. Leider kann sie dieses Gemälde nicht beenden. Remedios stirbt am 8. Oktober 1963 an einem Herzinfarkt.